Residential – Monterrey375

Dos Arquitectura Construccion

Monterrey 375 project is conformed by two buildings; Monterrey and Bajio, named after the adjacent streets. Monterrey is an important street in the city as it connects the Viaducto highway with Reforma, one of the most important avenues in Mexico City. The project total area is 30,000 sf.
Monterrey building is an old building that was rehabilitated from an 8 storey to a 5 storey building because of structural circumstances. The existing concrete structure was reinforced with steel to support future loads and to ensure its users from earthquakes, which are a common phenomenon in Mexico City. This building contains 4 apartments of 1,450 sf with 3 bedrooms and 2-1/2 restrooms. The 4th floor apartment is a 2 bedroom but includes a 270 sf terrace. There is elevator access and security in the lobby.
Bajio building is a new 6 storey building constructed at the same time as Monterrey building rehabilitation. Both sites are combined to create one project. Both buildings share public areas like Bajio roof which has a direct access from the elevator and includes services like restrooms and BBQ preparations. This building has 15 apartments with 950 sf. These are 2 bedroom with 2 restroom apartments.
The complex has rain water collection for reuse, efficient water fixtures, fluorescent lighting and all materials that were used are locally produced.
This project, including design, construction and management was made by Dos Arquitectura Construccion. The structural project was made by an independent firm.