Commercial – Marrone Caffe

Dos Arquitectura Construccion

This coffee house is a 3,000 sf rehabilitation project. It is located in a commercial area/ street. Previously, the area was used as two different commercial settlements that now became one to form a bigger space. By combining the two the project gained bigger and more flexible areas for use. The terrace area became the most important space for the users.

By changing platform levels, each space has a direct view to the street. The higher and most protected space became a kids area. The intention of this space is that parents enjoy a cup of coffee with friends while their kids play.

At the main wall of the terrace a water curtain was created to cool the space. This wall also has the preparation to grow vegetation in the hanging horizontal elements.

Some of the materials were reused from the existing project to the new project. The rest was made with local stones and other natural materials.