Southside Green Light District

Pratt Institute & El Puente

Personal health, community health, and our planet’s health are so intricately entwined that true community development cannot happen without considering these pieces in concert. The Green Light District Plan’s ambitious goal is to dramatically enhance all of these constituents of well-being to make the Southside of Williamsburg the most sustainable urban neighborhood in the country – physically, economically, and socially – by the year 2020. For too long real human development has been blocked in the Southside by a panoply of social ills. In addiction to gang violence, AIDS, drug-use, unemployment, poverty, property speculation, poorly performing public schools, amongst other debilitating issues, Southside residents have been burdened by an unfair share of environmental hazards. The Green Light District Plan challenges these underlying conditions by “revitalizing the capacity to dream” (1), paving the road and changing the signal to a ‘Green Light’ for a more sustainable future.
The Green Light District plan for the Southside of Williamsburg, in New York City, was conceived by El Puente, a community human rights institution that promotes peace and justice, in partnership with the Pratt Institute and many other community organizations.
(1) Human Scale Development